Tumaini Open School

Raise a Helping Hand for the Girls

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring all girls have access to an education, especially adolescent mothers.

About Us

Our Beliefs

In Tanzania girls who become pregnant usually drop out of school. Government schools are not welcoming and most cannot afford a private education. We believe in access to education for all. We are setting up a new inclusive and stigma free learning center in Tabora, Tanzania to help these girls regain their education goals and eventually access higher education, vocational and other technical training. Such Alternative Education Pathways (AEPs) are a proven model of enabling teenage mothers to continue an education.

How You Can Help

Send a Donation

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free. Head over to Tanzania Development Trust‘s Global Giving page, were they have a dedicated project for us.

Support us Online

By following and sharing our work you will be helping us to reach more people who can support us and fund our projects! Every follow, share, like and comment helps us to raise awareness and change lives!



Meet Hollo… Hollo is another girl that has been denied her rights to an education and her dream – because she was raped at the age of 15 and fell pregnant. This meant that she was immediately expelled from school, leaving her dreams of becoming a lawyer shattered. Hollo has never had the chance toContinue reading “Hollo”

Helping girls like Neema

Neema was raped aged 16, disowned by her family and thrown out of school when she became pregnant. Her chances of an education and dream of becoming a teacher were destroyed. Prior to our help these girls and their communities had given up hope that they would be able to continue their education and fulfilContinue reading “Helping girls like Neema”

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